November 20, 2000

Monday, 6:30 P.M.


The Wayne County Board of Education met in regular session at 6:30 P.M., in the Administration Office located at 555 South Sunset Boulevard, Jesup, Georgia 31545.  Present were:  Chairman Marty Goldman; Vice-Chairman Marissa Lewis; Members Martin Proudfoot, Jennifer Mann-Mackey, Paul Drawdy; and Superintendent Tommy Daniel.

Public Hearing            None           

Call to Order                          The call to order was given by Chairman Goldman.  The invocation was given by Chairman Goldman and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Minutes for Approval            The minutes of the October 16 and October 26, 2000, meetings were approved.  A motion to approve was made by Martin Proudfoot and seconded by Jennifer Mann-Mackey.

Approved:  5-0

Consent Agenda            There were no items identified for consent agenda.


A-1      Presidential Mathematics and Science Award

            Superintendent Daniel recognized Amy Denty as the recipient of the Presidential Mathematics and Science Award.  Mrs. Denty thanked the Board and Superintendent Daniel for their support and Arthur Williams Middle School for their support at the school level.

A-2      Wayne County High One-Act Play

            Kendall Keith, Secondary Instructional Supervisor, recognized the cast of the One-Act Play competition.  The play submitted for judging was “I Just Wanna Tell

            Somebody” which focused on child abuse.  The group won first place in the Region 3-AAAAA competition.

A-3      Elementary Yearbook Recognition

            Harley Grove, Assistant Superintendent, recognized James E. Bacon Elementary School as receiving honors in the National Yearbook Contest.  The school yearbook earned the top honor in the fifth annual “Best of the Best” National Yearbook Contest in the “Best All Around” category.


B-1      National School Boards Association Annual Conference

            Superintendent Daniel discussed with the Board the National School Boards Association annual conference to be held in March 2001, in San Diego, California.  A motion to proceed with the plans for two Board members and Superintendent Daniel to attend the conference was made by Marissa Lewis and seconded by Jennifer Mann-Mackey.  Approved:  5-0




D-1      October 2000 Financial Report

            The October 2000 financial report was approved unanimously.  The motion to approve was made by Martin Proudfoot and seconded by Jennifer Mann-Mackey.  Approved:  5-0

            Superintendent Daniel announced that the present SPLOST would end December 31, 2000.  A discussion was held concerning other funding options for renovations and new buildings for the school system.  Superintendent Daniel is studying this issue and will bring his findings to the Board at a later meeting.  


E-1      D.A.R.E. Program

            Lisa Mosley, D.A.R.E. officer for Wayne County Schools, gave a presentation on the positive things that are happening with the D.A.R.E. program in the school system.

E-2      School Spotlight – Jesup Elementary

            Joe McPipkin, Principal of Jesup Elementary, gave a Power Point presentation concerning the programs at this school and all the positive learning activities that are being conducted at his school.  Assistant Principal Trudy Rowland discussed curriculum advances that are taking place at Jesup Elementary.        



F-1      Architect’s Report

            Craig Buckley, Architect, was present to give an update on the new Wayne County High School project.  Prior to discussing the new high school project Superintendent Daniel discussed with the Board the work that Mr. Buckley is doing with the school system at no cost to develop a facilities plan.  He discussed with the Board the possibility of entering into an owner/architect form of agreement for development of the Wayne County Board of Education.  With this agreement, the architect agrees to perform such services as required in order to develop a plan consistent with State Department of Education criteria.  The work will be performed by the architect at no cost, plus normal expenses as required.  The Board, in turn, will agree to retain the services of the architect for the design and construction phase of the proposed work contained within the proposals at the same fee and utilizing the same contract presently being used for the new Wayne County High School.  Any construction or renovation would be in conjunction with State funding and a possible SPLOST proposal.  Marissa Lewis made a motion to accept the form of agreement as presented.  A second was made by Martin Proudfoot.  Approved:  5-0

            Mr. Buckley informed the Board that the construction project was on target at this point.  He stated he would be bringing three change-orders to the December Board meeting.  He anticipated that these would result in a net credit for the project.  A discussion was held concerning the next construction meeting which was scheduled for December 13, 2000.  The meeting was tentatively changed to Tuesday, December 12, 2000, at 10:00 A.M. at the construction site.  Board members were to confirm this date and time with Superintendent Daniel.

F-2      2001-2002 School Calendar

            Harley Grove, Assistant Superintendent, discussed the 2001-2002 school calendar.  A school calendar committee worked on the calendar and submitted two proposals for employees to vote on.  The calendar presented to Board members was the one that received the majority of the votes.  The 2001-2002 calendar was approved as presented on a motion by Jennifer Mann-Mackey and seconded by Marissa Lewis.  Approved:  5-0

            Superintendent Daniel discussed with the Board members the possibility of working toward adopting a calendar for two years.  After a short discussion the consensus of the Board was that this would be very beneficial.  


G-1      Personnel Recommendations

            Superintendent Daniel recommended the following personnel:

            Certified Recommendations

            Natasha Cooksey

            Heidi Davis

            Dawn Faulk

            Julie Drawdy

            Certified Resignations

            Melvin Boyette

            Classified Recommendations

            Joyce Annette Howell

            Joyce McNabb

            Ragen T. Yeomans


            Classified Transfers

            Lisa Wright

            Jennifer Mann-Mackey made a motion to approve the recommendations as presented by Superintendent Daniel.  A second was made by Marissa Lewis.  Approved:  5-0


Superintendent Daniel discussed with the Board the recruiting process that he is presently following.  He stated that he would like to be able to hire some good teaching candidates to use as floaters when teachers are absent.  He would like to be able to sign some of the good candidates while he is recruiting.  He stated if the system had floaters that filled in for teachers when absent, those floaters would be available to hire as certified teachers when a teaching position came open in the system.  The Board gave Superintendent Daniel the okay to go ahead and bring recommendations back to them for these positions.

Superintendent Daniel discussed the use of the gyms at Arthur Williams Middle School and Martha Puckett Middle School by the recreation department for basketball games.  He stated that he felt the system could use the same plan as carried out last year.  The recreation department would use the gyms on an overflow basis.  The recreation department would clear the use of the gym through the principal of the school.

Superintendent Daniel announced that the student and staff holidays for Thanksgiving would begin on Wednesday, November 22 and that school would resume on November 27.  Christmas holidays for students would be December 20, 2000,

through January 3, 2001.  Christmas holidays for staff would be December 20, 2000, through January 1, 2001.  Teacher workdays will be January 2 and 3, 2001.  Students return on January 4, 2001.

Marissa Lewis commended the ROTC instructors and students for their involvement in Veteran’s Day activities.  She stated that she was proud of the effort of the Wayne County High School football team.

Marty Goldman stated that, as promised during the tax hearing, he has checked into legislation for tax relief for senior citizens.  He passed out a copy of a bill that would be introduced at the next legislative session by Representative Hinson Mosley.

Marty Goldman read a prepared statement concerning his resignation from Rayonier, Inc.  He stated that he had accepted a job in Augusta, Georgia.  He stated that he would be resigning his position as Board member at a later date.


The Board went into executive session to consider a matter involving the disclosure of personally identifiable information from a student’s educational records.  A motion to convene into executive session was made by Jennifer Mann-Mackey and seconded by Marissa Lewis.  Approved:  5-0


After executive session the Board reconvened into open session.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:28 P.M. on a motion by Jennifer Mann-Mackey and a second by Marissa Lewis.  Approved:  5-0


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